Why are you here?

I'm not yet sure why you need an accountant but it seems reasonable to assume that you do - people rarely visit accountants' websites for entertainment, though I hope you find this one more interesting than most. Perhaps you're self-employed, or you have several sources of income and find your tax return absolutely terrifying, or you want more information about your financial situation to help you make an important decision - or maybe there's a completely different reason.

A personal approach

Whatever your situation and needs, they are unique to you because your aims, likes and dislikes are unique even if your situation as seen from the outside looks like lots of others. I understand that each client's needs require a different solution, and I aim to design a course of action specifically tailored to those needs.

Jacky Naylor

I'm Jacqueline Naylor. If you'd like to find out more about me and how my business works, go to
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